Friday, February 13, 2009


It's always such fun and such an honor to have a fellow blogger bestow an award on you! My friend, Pamela at Cookies with Boys sent these to me. I always enjoy Pamela's posts. She is funny, creative, and always has something good cooking on her blog. Plus, I just love chatting with her! Thanks Pamela for these.

Now I have to follow the rules and pass these along to other deserving bloggers. I'm not sure how many I am supposed to pass to, so I will just choose a few of my favorites. With so many wonderful, talented bloggers out there, it is a very hard task for me to choose. Some of my favorites have already been "awarded." I love to read all the following because they photograph well, they are fabulous cooks, and/or they bring me such joy with their humor! If you haven't received these already and want these awards, come on over and pick them up!!! Just know, even if your name isn't mentioned below, I love you all and you have all been an encouragement to me!

Drum Roll. . . in no particular order. . .

3. The Blond Duck at A Duck in Her Pond
4. Teanna at Spork and Foon
6. Maria at Twos Peas in a Pod
9. Natalie at What's For Supper
10. Jennifer at Jen-B's Cooking Carveout


Aggie said...

Hey! Thank you so much!! I really appreciate you thinking of me and my blog!

Hope you had a nice weekend! ;)

n.o.e said...

Peggy, your blog is so deserving of these fabulous accolades! You write with candor, intelligence, and humor, and your posts are always an enjoyable read. Thanks for thinking of my blog - it's fun to receive bloggies!!

Di said...

Congratulations on your awards! And thanks so much for sharing them with me.

Maria said...

Thanks Peggy! You are the best!! Thanks for passing the award onto us!!

Marthe said...

Thank you sooo much for the award!!

Teanna said...

AH!!!! You are the sweetest and have just made my day!!!! Thank you so much!!! And congratulations to you on your awards, they are well deserved!