Wednesday, July 20, 2016

eWe -its not easy being green

Well here it is Thursday again!  This week in our eating with Ellie group the theme was "it's not easy being green."   I think that saying was made famous by Kermit the frog.  After looking through the vegetables in Ellies Comfort Food Fix cookbook, I decided to make the Broccoli and Cheddar stuffed potato skins with the Avocado Cream on top.  Basically these were made like regular stuffed potatoes.  You bake the potatoes, then cut in half lengthwise, and then scoop out the inside of the potato.  You fill that with cooked broccoli and cheese.   The avocado cream was basically like a homemade guacamole.  It called for scallions and I did not have those.  My DH really enjoyed these and was excited that one was left over for his lunch!
You can get the recipe Here
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Monday, July 11, 2016

EWE - vegetables!

Okay okay!   It has been months since I posted on here.  I will tell you a secret.  It has been SO long I almost never got into my blog.  I had forgotten not only my password, but also my login!  It is very frustrating to me that these websites we frequent tell you that your password has to be a certain length, and include numbers and characters, etc.   After all, it is MY computer and it seems like it should be my choice to choose whatever password I like.  Anyway, I managed to get in eventually as you can see!

Now this week in the Ellie Krieger group, the theme is vegetables.  You do not have to ask me twice to cook or eat a vegetable.  Love them.   I met a man on saturday, however, that eats no vegetables.  Only potatoes and mac and cheese! I had a serious talk with him, but there was no changing his mind.

I made Ellie's parmesan zucchini rounds.  I found the recipe online here.  I think they were supposed to be crisp, but mine were soft.  They were still delicious.

We also have some very exciting news in our family!  We are expecting a baby girl to arrive in November in our family!  I will be a MeMe again!  She will be such a blessing to our family. 

We are headed out camping this weekend.  Yes, I said camping.  I have my menu all planned out for the weekend and hope that I do not give us food poisoning this time.  I think last time our refrigerator was not cold enough and both of us got sick.  I'm learning each time we go what I should and should not do.  I'm going with mostly canned goods this weekend!

Check out the Ellie Krieger group website here.  Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!