Thursday, April 2, 2009

CEiMB - Buffalo Chicken Salad with Bleu Cheese Dressing

You Eat Now chose Buffalo Chicken Salad with Bleu Cheese Dressing for our CEiMB group this week. Check out her great blog to get the recipe.

So here is our conversation tonight on the way home from work.

DH: What's for dinner?
Me: Can you stop at the store and get romaine, buttermilk, yogurt, bread?
DH: Sure. What's for dinner?
Me: Buffalo Chicken Salad with bleu cheese dressing. You also need to get some bleu cheese if you like it.
DH: I like it okay.
Me: I can eat a "little" of it, but. . .
DH: Can we substitute something else?

I was excited about making this salad because I really love hot wings. Especially the boneless ones. But leaving out the bleu cheese apparently caused my dressing to be a bit on the bland side. I used gorgonzola instead. And the chicken (which I totally did not take the time to make it into wonderful and pretty strips like Ellie asked us to) did not have enough hot sauce on it for me. I found this salad pretty bland, but still . . . because I love salad I ate it all. Chandler's was not bland because he added chipotle peppers to his. It was a really nice, quick meal for us on a rainy Thursday night however.

I apologize for being a day late with my posting.

Try the recipe for yourself! Love the flavor of the chicken with the salad greens.


Craving Ellie in My Belly said...

Glad you liked it, too. It seems like this one was a winner all around. The rub I kind of made up by accident because I did not read the recipe right, but you should try that next time if you like things spicy.

What's for Supper? said...

I was going to try it with gorgonzola next time....but you thought it was bland then? Hmmm.

Jessica said...

I'm sorry that this ended up on the bland side for you. I marinated the chicken in the hot sauce during the day so that mine would be spicier and that seemed to work out. I think that the addition of chipotles sounds amazingly good.

Marthe said...

Sorry you found this salad a bit bland. I liked it lots, but I did use a teeny weeny bit more gorgonzola than spefified and I didn't buy the 'dolce' gorgonzola but the one with a bit more taste to it.

Jen said...

Glad you liked the salad. While it was not as good as an actual hot wing, I found it to be a pleasant substitute!

Cathy said...

It looks great! I skipped this because of our intense blue cheese aversion, but I've heard such great reviews that I may need to make the chicken and try it with some ranch. Maybe you can double the chicken spices next time for some extra heat!

Anonymous said...

oh no! bleu cheese is key! but I'm surprised gorgonzola was not a satisfactory substitute as it is so similar to bleu cheese and just as strong.

Talita said...

This looks really delicious! Great combination!