Friday, October 9, 2009

No CEIMB this week - but will return next week!

Please forgive me. . I've been lapse lately. I have missed some very important tasty looking recipes. I hope to do better starting next week!
Loved all your cheese sandwiches, new york breakfasts, and chop suey!!
Please share. . . come on over. . . I'll get you a glass of iced tea to go with.


AmyRuth said...

Here I am for tea...(hand extended) Just kidding. You are such a hospitable host. I love that! Hey I totally love Halloween. I have a witches costume I like to use because for a while no one knew who was beneath the makeup and latex nose, wart, etc. So fun to pretend. How much better? Besides whats wrong with pretending to be 5 and not having to go through growing up ... again. Sounds like some folks are considering bailing on CEIMB. Is that what you read?
I love visiting with you so I hope you still stay in the stream. Have a great weekend.

The Blonde Duck said...

I hope you're doing well!

Marthe said...

Same here, been missing a lot of nice recipes....

But this weekend I'm going to Paris!! What hotel did you stay at when you visited Paris?

Marthe said...

Italy is wonderful too!! We already booked our hotels: for Saturday in Paris (20e arrondisement) and for Sunday in Jossigny. We're going to Disneyland on Monday :D

Have you made this weeks Tuscan Vegetable Soup? I made it yesterday evening (very late) and will try it tonight!