Friday, July 30, 2010

Chocolate with Francois - Beignets with Vanilla Creme Anglaise

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Are you good at pretending?  You are?  GREAT!  Then let's pretend.
First, pretend I slaved over a hot stove whipping up my creme anglaise.  Remember, I'm a virgin beignet maker so I went with pudding.

Spent all my time trying to make the beignets look good.  Next, pretend you do not see the dark edges on the beignets that may them appear burned.  I think it might have just been the chocolate oozing out a bit while these fried.  They tasted incredibly delicious.  The burst of chocolate inside was like a surprise to your tongue.  You take a bite. . .. you are expecting the chewy doughnut and then, bam, the chocolate oozes in.  I love surprises, don't you?  And the pudding / anglaise took a slight edge off the richness of the chocolate.  Makes my mouth water just thinking about these.


Jennifurla said...

beignets are on my to make list, thanks for [posting

The Blonde Duck said...

That sounds delicious!

Joanne said...

Great job Peggy! First rule: Don't confess that you cheated.
Second rule: Just because a fellow blogger confessed to cheating doesn't mean I...WHOOPS!...anyone else has to.
The Beignets look wonderful. I only wish we could have eaten them all.
I forgot to put the post up today, but my Beignet experience will hit the town Sat./tomorrow. And... I'm not confessing to cheating either. :)

Susan said...

They look good. I had some of those black edges and I also think it was the chocolate leaking out. Great job on the creme anglaise! :D

Julie said...

I had issues with the chocolate exploding out of them in the fryer. I think my ganache wasn't frozen enough?

astheroshe said...

They look very yummy!

Torviewtoronto said...

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