Wednesday, September 29, 2010

CEiMB - Almond French Toast Bake

Hostess this week was Heide of

I have to let you all in on a secret this week.  I had to cheat a bit on this one.  Just a bit.  I did not let it sit overnight in the refrigerator as Ellie says to.  Wasn't sure if it would work to just beat it up and toss it in the oven, but that's what I did.  Drat those time constraints!  But please keep this to yourself.   Don't you just love a good secret?

My grocery store did not have fresh blueberries this week.  Not sure what was up with that because we eat them every morning with our cereal.  So I grabbed a bag of frozen blueberries.  Believe me when I say they may be fine for cooking with them, but even thawed they did nothing for our cereal.  Too mushy for me!  But the size of the blueberries was amazing.  Made me wonder where are these giant blueberries when you buy fresh ones?  The ones I buy are tiny like little peas.  These were mammoth.

I sort of halved this recipe so I was not sure how long to cook it.  Ellie said 50-60 minutes and that seemed like a long time to me.  I think mine cooked for 40 minutes and I called it done.  Chandler loved it and said it reminded him of bread pudding.

Here's a little funny.  At least it was funny to me.  I was home today because.  . well anyway. . .I was watching one of the "famous" chefs on television and when she took her dish out of the oven I noticed her stovetop was, shall we say less than clean?  I'm talking some major grease baked on there.  Surely these tv people have someone to clean up after them?  Just evidence I guess that she is truly a dedicated cook and is actually using that stove!!  I loved it and I think I love her all the more for it.

If you click on Heide's link above, I'm sure you will find the recipe for this luscious breakfast treat.  Or you can find it in Ellie's So Easy cookbook.  Or,  you can google it and get it that way.  Great pick Heide!


Liz said...

Glad you guys enjoyed this one! I sat out because I didn't enjoy the Peach French Toast Bake I chose about a year ago and was worried this would be too similar to enjoy.

Curious thing about the blueberries... Now that you mention it, I've noticed the same thing about the size difference. You wouldn't think they would save the biggest ones for freezing though.

Joanne said...

Was that whip cream I saw on that french toast? Great idea!

I was contemplating making it at night but since I mentioned FT to Ted, he was looking forward to it. It would have changed his perspective on the dish if I had served it the night before. As it was, he is enjoying it for breakfast and likes it better than the tradit. FT.

Your dish looks great and, as for frozen blueberries, I find them sweeter, most of the time, than fresh.

Bri said...

I forgot to mention it in my post, but I used frozen blueberries also. You're right; they were a very generous size, and fresh ones usually are not! Hmm. Anyway, glad you enjoyed this one, because it was not a hit at my house. Oh well, you can't win them all!

Heide said...

Agreed, frozen berried are NOT good for just eating thawed -- they're really best for baking or for tossing in the blender for smoothies.

Thanks for making this along with me, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Shandy said...

Your French Toast bake looks delicious as a bread pudding with whipped cream! I did not let mine sit overnight either and also used frozen blueberries we picked on a blueberry farm this summer. Loved hearing you both enjoyed this one!

Kayte said...

Had time constraints as well, so we served it for Just going around catching up on blog reading as I have been a very bad girl and have missed everyone's food. Yours looks really great, love that frozen blueberries would work just fine. Anything that can be made ahead, pulled out of the frig and stuck into the oven in the morning magic wand style, is tops in my mind!

Mary said...

I am trying to guess whose stove is dirty...I bet Ina Garten because she is actually using it and cooking!

Jess said...

Yours looks perfectly cooked through and delicious--especially the whipped cream!

Cakelaw said...

This looks fabulous - I couldn't wait for it to set.

TeaLady said...

this was pretty tasty. I made 1/3 recipe and it was plenty.

Mammoth blueberries. Isn't that an oxymoron!!!