Wednesday, March 30, 2011

CEiMB - Creamed Spinach

This week Liz of The Not So Skinny Kitchen chose Creamed Spinach.  I love raw spinach.  Cooked spinach is not so great for me.  So I was not really excited about this recipe, but I tried it anyway.

The Gods however, were not with me on this one.  First of all, I did not have any chicken broth so I used buillon cube (fake broth).  It made the spinach pretty salty.
Second, I wasn't sure reading the recipe how thick the cream sauce was supposed to be.

And third, and the worst of all, AFTER I mixed in the evaporated milk, I noticed it was a little off color.  So I looked at the can and it expired in 2009!  It was too late.  It was already mixed in the spinach.  My husband assured me it would be fine.  I quickly googled (my favorite past-time) and there were many comments on there that said expired milk would be fine to use as long as the can was not puffed up.  However, there was this ONE comment that said there was a reason they have expiration dates on the cans - because after that date it is unsafe to use and it would poison you.   We ate it.  Here's hoping.

I think I'm just a raw spinach type of girl.


Liz @ The Not So Skinny Kitchen said...

I will hope that your expired milk will not cause a problem because of all the dishes to get sick off of, this is not worth it! Thanks for giving it a try; it's good to test our taste buds every now and again to see if they change. I will say the consistency of yours looks much better than mine did, and my sauce never got that thick!

Rita said...

I serve spinach at least once or twice a week because we love it. Thank you for adding to my list. Great photos.

Anonymous said...

I am a spinach fan so I loved this. I feel badly that Liz didn't.

I am not sure, I would be brave enough to eat it with that doubtful milk, though.

Keep posting, so we know it has not affected you.

Bri said...

Wow, that evaporated milk situation always happens to me! I have learned not to buy it unless I know I'm going to be using it within a couple of weeks, because I'm constantly letting it go past date.

I'm sorry you weren't crazy about this. I actually quite enjoyed it, much to my surprise!

Joanne said...

It looks nice and bright green. It really looks good.
The evaporated milk was only 2 TBS. I'm sure, even if it were bad, that was too small of an amount for concern. We expose ourselves to much more potentially "sickening" things throughout the day in higher doses than 2 TBS, I'm sure.;)Good job, Peggy.

Kayte said...

I am a raw spinach kind of gal as fact, I completely chickened out this week with the spinach and made the Chicken Salad from a couple of weeks ago that I missed. Oh, well, can't love everything, right?