Thursday, April 21, 2011

New Group - Ina's Garden - Orange Poundcake

I am thrilled to announce the formation of a great new cooking and baking group. 
“Ina’s Garden." 

If you are a huge fan of Ina, a/k/a the Barefoot Contessa, you will love this group.  I love her recipes and her laid back entertaining style.  So several like-minded bloggers have gotten together to form this new blog hop group. We will be cooking her recipes together as well as discussing our experiences.

This is how it will work:
On the first Thursday of every month we  will all make the same recipe together.  You do not have to participate every month, just join in when you can.  Recipes will be announced in advance and on the day, you will be able to join with the co-hosts and link up your posts about them.  All you have to do is copy your permalink (please link to your actual post, and not just to your blog homepage).  Then click on where it says "add your link" in the linky below this post.  You will then be able to add a link to your own post and even choose a picture for the thumbnail.  By linking to any one of the host sites, your post will be visible on all six of our sites.  You will have fun and make new blogging friends, and your posts will get maximum exposure too.

We do ask as a courtesy, that you link back in your post to whichever host site you have linked to.  It is just good blog hop etiquette!

On the third Thursday of every month, you can choose any recipe from Ina's collection from within a "theme" chosen by one of the co-hosts.  The theme will be announced in advance so join in whenever you like.  There is no obligation to participate every time.  Once again, you will then be able to join with the co-hosts and link up your post about whatever recipe you have chosen in the same way, and your post will be visible on all six of our sites, whichever host site you  link to.

My fellow co-hosts for this group are Chaya of Bizzy B Bakes and Comfy Cook, April of The 21s Century Housewife and The 21st Century Housewife’s Kitchen, Louanne of Louanne’s Kitchen, Mia of Bright Morning Star, and Yummy Chunklet.

Our first official recipe will be hosted on May 5th by Yummy Chunklet.  She is starting the group with Ina's Peanut Butter and Jelly Bars! The link will be open for several days.
The theme for our May 19th meeting is Pasta with Pizazz.  Find your favorite pasta recipe from Ina's collection and come join in.

To kick things off today, all six of us have made Ina’s Orange Pound Cake. The recipe can be found at Bizzy B Bakes site.  We hope you will make the pound cake and come link up with us!

The recipe makes two loaves so I halved it since there are only two of us here to eat it.  I made this recipe twice.  The first time I used a pan that had never failed me, but the cake stuck and fell completely apart when I tried to take it out of the pan.  It just would not release.  So we had a bowl full of pieces of poundcake.  They were good to eat however!!  The next time the cake came right out of the pan.  Also, when I sent Chandler to the store to get my supplies, he was supposed to get navel oranges and he came back with tangelos. When I asked how he could confuse oranges with tangelos, he replied "well they looked orange to me."   So I used those and they gave this a nice tangelo flavor. 

The recipe for the Orange Poundcake can be found on Mia's blog brightmorningstarsfoodie

We hope you will join us on May 5th for the delicious Peanut Butter and Jelly Bars.


Rita said...

What a fun project! Will be following you of course. That orange poundcake looks fabulous.

Anonymous said...

I'm impressed how awesome your cake looks! And, I like your inclusion of actual oranges in your photo. I only had orange juice on hand for mine.

♥Sugar♥Plum♥Fairy♥ said...

Me halved the recipe too ,and wished i hadnt but then i baked it thrice with all sorts of variations..i think some Lavender would make a very pretty fragrant pound cake too.
Excited about our first post together and looking forward to the next:-)
Ur cake does look simply fantastic!

Comfy Cook said...

Peggy, That is one fantastic loaf. Two of those loaves keep a family happy for quite a while. For two people, it would be overkill.

So glad you jumped in. You can only be an asset to the group.

Leslie said...

Oh my, this looks great! If I wasn't already losing my mind I'd join you but I can't keep up as it is!