Wednesday, June 8, 2011

CEiMB - Apple-Pecan Muffins minus the pecans!

My sweet blogger friend, Joanne, of was the hostess for this week's CEiMB group.  I really wanted to make these muffins with her.

The DH and I have gotten hooked on Mexican Train dominoes.  We play whenever we get the chance.  We do not like regular dominoes, just the train ones.  Tonight, we decided I would put the muffins on and he would grill some pork chops and while they were both cooking, we could get in a game or two of dominoes.  You know where this is going, right?  While we were playing, it did not dawn on me until too late that he had closed the door to the patio and I could not hear my beeper go off in the kitchen.  When I did realize, I rushed to the kitchen only to find twelve burned bottom muffins!!  I tried to salvage what I could and we ending up eating the tops of them and they were good.

Please go to Joanne's webpage and see what glorious muffins she made.  I would do a remake tomorrow night, but I will be out with some friends.  So here are my burned muffins.  But get the recipe from Joanne's webpage and try these. Or, you can find them in Ellie Krieger's book The Food You Crave, on page 22.  They are delicious and loaded with fresh Golden Delicious apple.  I did leave out the pecans.  And I added a little brown sugar on the top of some of mine for a streusel effect.  Unfortunately, that did not add much to the burned effect!  I decided to just go ahead and let you all view the burned muffins!!  Bless their hearts.


Rita said...

Thosenthings happen; they still look pretty tasty. Love that brown sugar topping.

Anonymous said...

Bless their hearts! lol I'm sorry your muffins got burned, but you should definitely make another batch when you get a chance because they're quite good!

Joanne said...

So sorry they burned. I would have eaten the entire muffin anyway - what's a little charcoal?!
Thanks for baking with CEimB this week Peggy.

Bri said...

I think these muffins would even taste great burned! We love them around these parts. They still look fine to me!

Anonymous said...

I hate burned bottoms!!
But despite the bottoms being burned, your muffins look great!

Comfy Cook said...

What's a little burn in such a good muffin? This is really a great recipe.

TeaLady said...

These were such good muffins. Glad you salvaged the tops because they are worth the trouble.

Yes, have done that - MANY times!!!