Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Words for Wednesday - a bit about whining

I've decided to share random thoughts with you on Wednesdays.  I hope you like them.  Each week will be a different subject matter of course.   Comments are welcomed.

She Whines

The world cannot escape
The masses of whiners
That work their way through our lives
each day.

Dare we judge whether
whiners are selfish or
Just helpless creatures trapped
By a mind that creates a deep dark
Loneliness they are unable to escape
On their own.

Is it selfish to look
For tiny droplets of approval
If that gets one out of the
Darkness for even a fleeting moment
Or is their energy simply

But must we walk a mile in
Their shoes or simply
choose to be more caring
whilst all the while not forgetting
to look into the mirror
at our own fears.

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