Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Carla Vavalos FOFF

Well I finally got around to cooking something this week. . .. .

Had a dental appointment this morning - how I have grown to hate going to the dentist.  Just the thought of it gives me goosebumps.  I used to love getting my teeth cleaned but now it is painful.  And something new every time I go.  This time my dentist was on leave so I saw Dr. Marta.  No one can pronounce her last name so we call her Dr. Marta.

In Carla Vavalas book Fusion of Food and Friends I made the roasted asparagus.  What's so special about that you might ask?  Well the fresh asparagus roasted is great of course, but Carla tops her off with a delicious sauce made of butter, balsamic vinegar and soy sauce.  It was so delicious that we had grilled chicken with it and the sauce was wonderful making its way across the plate and bumping into the chicken!  Loved it.

Buy her book on Amazon for just $10 or email me for the recipe.  So easy and delicious.


Joanne said...

Great post Peggy.
I'm making the asparagus this week.
The sweet potato fries from last week were terrific. Reommend you cut down on the red pepper(cayenne) and chili powder if you don't like spicy.

Chaya Selig said...

We are bit asparagus eaters and I wish we were. This looks great.

Chaya Selig said...

That was supposed to say that we are not asparagus eaters.......I must be tired. Sorry.