Wednesday, March 25, 2015

WWDH - Poached Chicken in Coconut Milk

I did not really want to make this because it just frankly did not appeal to me looks wise.  but I was anxious to get back to cooking so I decided today was the day.   For those of you who follow my blog and do not know my situation, I have had a biopsy and two surgeries in the last two weeks.  I am doing well, but having anesthesia twice in a week has left me without a lot of energy.  Plus I am healing so my body is working hard toward that!  I will be having rads in the coming weeks.  Not looking forward to that!

after searching in the store for red curry paste and finding it, I was dismayed when I started cooking this to discover it contained shrimp which I am allergic to.  So I had to make a quick decision for a suitable substitute.   i used sirachi sauce and added some red pepper flakes.  It was delicious!   We were really surprised how good this was.   served over rice.   I really cannot imagine it being much better with the curry paste.   come join us in cooking Donna Hay recipes on Wednesdays!  You can find the recipe in her book New Food Fast on page 67.   As always I forgot to top this with cilantro.  I seem to be making a habit lately of leaving out one ingredient!  You can find the recipe here.


Kayte said...

Curry paste has shrimp in it?? I had no idea. So good that you checked, you don't need any more medical emergencies! This photo looks really good, shows everything so beautifully. I bet the sirachi sauce was really good with this combination. You are such a trooper to keep making things with us when you aren't feeling well. That said, we would miss you a lot if you weren't. Prayers and thoughts go with you. xo

Cakelaw said...

Hope you start to get your mojo back soon. I liked this one - I used sambal paste.