Wednesday, April 1, 2015

WWDH - Ricotta Herb Rigatoni

Rigatoni with fresh basil and ricotta cheese!    This dish was delicious and so easy to prepare!  We try to do at least one meatless meal each week and this was perfect.   My photo does not do it justice.   Margaret chose this dish for us in our Wednesdays with Donna Hay group.   It is rigatoni pasta, ricotta, fresh basil and parsley, black olives, salt and cracked pepper.  Check out our website Here
Hope you all have a blessed Easter.   Maybe the bunny will hop your way and bring some fun surprises!
Matthew 28:6.  He is not here for he has risen!


Cakelaw said...

Your rigatoni looks great with the other dishes. Happy Easter Peggy.

Sarah said...

This sounds extraordinarily simple. I'm not going to get to this one, though, so I shall just admire your picture! A beautiful, colourful plate.

Kayte said...

Looks wonderful, and the photo does do it justice, looks nice and rich and creamy just like it's supposed to look! This was a good one, we enjoyed it. Was happy for a nice simple one this week, I bet you were as well. xo for you and thoughts and prayers.