Tuesday, May 5, 2015


I'm taking a short break in my blogging and cooking!   Just a couple of weeks so watch out I'll be back!   I'm going to radiation treatments right now and there are some days where I'm pretty tired.  So right now I'm taking care of me and cooking is put on hold!   I am anxious to get back to it however!  So hope you have a nice week and wonderful weather and I hope to be back next week or the next with some delicious recipes!   Blessings on all of you.


Kayte said...

Our prayers and thoughts are with you, Peggy. We miss you, but we are loving that you are focusing on what you need to do right now for you and we will be so happy to think of you doing that. That said, can't wait for you to get back with us! xo

Cakelaw said...

Peggy, wishing you the very best as you undergo treatment, and look forward to your being back soon.