Tuesday, June 16, 2015

WWDH - Twice cooked crispy chicken

Thank goodness my friend Margaret reminded me that tomorrow was Wednesday.   It was my pick this week and I chose this chicken dish of Donna Hays.  first you cook the chicken in a spicey mixture of soy sauce, chicken broth, anise star, cinnamon stick and chinese wine.  Then you take the chicken out of that and refry it in peanut oil.  i used olive oil instead.  mine burned just a tad as it was frying.  Then you slice up the chicken and serve it over steamed greens.  The closest thing I had in my refrigerator to steamed greens was some fresh zucchini.   That is what I served it with.   The chicken was tasty but I really could not taste the spices very much.   if you want to see what the others in the group did with this recipe check out our website at WWDH.blogspot.com.    Better yet, buy the book On the Shelf by Donna Hay.  her recipes are easy and delicious.


Cakelaw said...

Hi Peggy, totally agree - the poaching didn't transfer much flavour to the chicken. Pan fried chicken is good though!

Kayte said...

Okay, you two...my poaching liquid did impart a lot of flavor to my chicken and I really liked that taste a lot. Chicken skin is one of those things that creeps me out so I just tossed that part before I ate the chicken and was happy with the flavor. Yours looks good and I would make this again minus the frying part to use as Chinese Chicken Lettuce Wraps as I did love the flavor of the cinnamon, star anise, etc. Fun to try something new. :-) Yours looks good...I think the camera makes things look darker (maybe a little burnt looking) than they actually were as mine looks burnt as well but didn't look that dark to me in real life.

TeaLady said...

Ditto, Peggy, about the flavor. Maybe marinating it would be the answer. Mine 'browned' a little too much but I think it was the sugar from the poaching liquid. Mine got really thick afterwards.