Wednesday, July 22, 2015

EwE Pacific Rim Salmon Burgers

Thursdays.   Cooking with Ellie is always a treat.  You can be sure it will be tasty and healthy.  Sarah has chosen Pacific Rim Salmon Burgers found on page 91 in Weeknight Wonders.   Even though they are burgers, I chose to just serve them without the bun.   The sauce was really good but I am used to eating the salmon burgers with ketchup.  So this was quite a change for me.  It was light but with a spicy bite to it.  The ingredients were plain Greek yogurt mixed with mayonnaise, Sirachi sauce, and sesame oil, salt and pepper.   The dh said he could eat that sauce just by itself!  It is so nice to cook for those that appreciate the food.

Next week it is catch up week so no telling what we might cook.  Check out or website to see what the others thought of this dish.


Joanne said...

Looks so good. I made tuna burgers last night which turned out really good but salmon burgers usually turn out a bit moister and tastier because of the higher
fat content. That's GOOD fat (Omega's) :)

Cakelaw said...

I really liked the dressing. Ellie keeps using Sriracha sauce so I gave in and bought some - it was a good buy.

Sarah said...

It seems like we all served these without the bun! Actually my husband did have a bun but he ate another one without a bun and seemed pretty happy about it. :) So that is a winner!

Chaya Selig said...

This certainly is a winner. I love them. The dressing was delicious and I want to use it for other dishes.

Kayte said...

Oh yours looks so pretty sitting there surrounded by all that goodness. I am with Chan, that sauce was really good and I can make that again and use it on other things.