Wednesday, July 8, 2015

EwE - Tomato Braised Green Beans

It never fails when you use the word "secret" you automatically get an audience.  The crowd rushes in.   Ears perk up.   Eyes open wide.  Promises of confidentiality come pouring forth.   Secrets bond people to other people.   There is just something exciting about knowing something no one else knows!

What is my secret you ask?  Well funny you should ask!   How weird is it is this day and time that secrets are posted online on twitter, facebook, etc. and then once it is out there, it is a secret no longer and interest wanes.  People quickly move on.

It is no secret to anyone that I love to cook!  And I love to entertain!  A new recipe to try, with new ingredients, and the smiles it brings when that first taste touches lips.  Sometimes it is just that one secret ingredient that makes the difference between good and extraordinary.   In this case it was the tomatoes.  Who knew I would love green beans mixed with tomatoes!  And yet.....I did!   even to my own surprise.

We cook from Ellie Kriegers Weeknight Wonders book.  It is a healthy book full of deliciousness.   You can order from Amazon!

Easy to prepare after a long day at work or home.  Filled with onions and green beans and tomatoes and oregano seasoning.   


Chaya Selig said...

Great secret and one we don't have to keep that way. I don't like knowing real secrets because I am afraid they will slip out. It only happened once that I know of but I felt terrible. One of the teachers, I worked with told me she was pregnant but not to mention it to anyone else. I didn't until one day when she was eating chocolate again, something she does not usually do and I blurted out, "Please have that baby already and share the chocolate with us." She didn't say a word and it was an hour later that I realized what I had done. I apologized and fortunately for me, she was fine with it.

Kayte said...

Your beans look great, this was a surprisingly wonderful recipe as I didn't think I would care for beans and tomatoes to be touching each other cooking in a sauce (I like both and I like them touching cold but I didn't think I would hot), but I loved them! A new find for me. I always think secrets come with a great burden so I'm not sure I like to know

Cakelaw said...

LOL, you and Kayte both learned that tomatoes with beans are yum!