Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Guliano Hazans Spaghetti with Tomatoes and Bay Leaves

This is my first post for Guliano Hazan's Thirty Minute Pasta group.
I recently purchased Guliano Hazan's Thirty Minute cookbook.  There are so many wonderful pasta dishes in this book!  I know at our house, we could eat pasta pretty much every day of the week!  For this particular recipe, I already had my pasta cooked so I used farfalle in it.  It was simply fresh tomatoes and bay leaves, with some parmesan on top.  Simple, yet so delicious.  I am excited to try some of the other recipes!  Check out these other blogs to see what delicious recipe they made for this week.  We all make our own choice of recipe so each will be different each week.  Come join us if you love pasta!


Kayte said...

Wow, this looks great, I haven't made this one yet as I was waiting for tomatoes so now is the time! Happy that you are cooking along. Remember, cut the recipes down to manageable size as these portions he includes are HUGE. I do a quarter of a recipe and that feeds both of us generously and then some. Just sayin'. It's amazing how much more I like cooking groups after I realized I could cut all the recipes down to size and not have tons of leftovers. I don't know who measures these portions in recipes but I find that they are all too big at the sizes they say. Or maybe they were meant to just eat that and nothing else, I always include a small salad with dinner so that could be the difference.

Chaya Selig said...

Each of us made a different recipe and each one looks so good, I want to make them next week. Obviously, I can't do that but I an sure, we each will find other yummy dishes to make.