Thursday, July 30, 2015

Thirty minute thursdays - Hazans Oriechetti with Broccoli

Thursdays with Hazan.   yum.  these are truly thirty minute recipes so great for working women or men who like to cook pasta.   Get his book Thirty Minute Pasta by Guliano Hazan.  amazon sells it.   i know because I ordered it when I already had one at home!   it just looked so good -- twice!  LOL.   this was really easy to prepare.  Unfortunately it called for anchovies and I do not do anchovies.  but it was delicious with just the pasta shells and broccoli, with garlic and red pepper flakes.



Kayte said...

Yes, I am not big on those anchovies either and always sub. That is too funny you bought the book twice. Your pasta looks great. Maybe I will get one posted tomorrow as today we were busy moving Matt back to town from college apartment. Will be nice to have him close again.

Cakelaw said...

Pasta with broccoli - looks delish!