Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Spinach and ricotta pies

It's Wednesday and that means cooking with Donna Hay!   Chaya chose for us to make these spinach and ricotta pies.  I made ginormous ones!  I think my puff pastry went into orbit or maybe I filled them to more than capacity!   They look bigger in the photo than they actually are.  Plus they are on a small plate.  There is a video of Donna Hay actually making these online and you can see it here.   In the video, Donna leaves her pies sort of open faced.  i closed mine up.   The DH is going to love having this for his lunch tomorrow.   For me personally I like foods with a little bit more flavor.  These are so easy to make and you could put many different ingredients.  Might be good with mushrooms!  Check out our site to see what the others did.


Kayte said...

These were so good...I thought they would be a little bland but they weren't...of course she said to add pepper and I take that to mean a very liberal amount! :-) We really liked them...yours look really good, nice big man-size portions of flaky pastry and filling...sure to be a hit.

Cakelaw said...

I love how big and puffy your are!

Chaya Selig said...

They look supersized, more to chew on. I love how yours puffed up.