Tuesday, July 7, 2015

WWDH -Cannellini Bean Salad

What is in a bean salad you ask?  It is cannellini beans, green beans, cherry tomatoes, fresh parsley, with a delicious dressing of olive oil and lemon juice.  Kayte chose this salad and it was a very good pick.  I did not know that cannellini beans were just white kidney beans!  I love learning new things in our groups.

I took a close up of the salad and it looks like the parsley has moved in and taken over!  It really was not much parsley at all.

Cooking and blogging keeps me out of trouble, or does it?  wink wink.    You will just have to keep checking back with me to see if I am behaving or not!

Loved this healthy salad and it is a keeper recipe.  Great for summer.

You can buy this book Off the Shelf by Donna Hay.  Great purchase.   Come join the fun!


Chaya Selig said...

You always behave....at least as a blogger and you are fun. This was a good salad and one I could make often. The colors shown in your photo show how attractive it is, as well.

Sarah said...

Haha! Are you making mischief? This was a great salad - so easy and yet delicious.

Kayte said...

Great photo...and I know, Parsley sometimes does that to me as well, I think she gets tired of just hanging out as a side thought and pushes up ahead sometimes, and I think that's okay because she always looks so pretty. :-) Yes, you are certainly up to mischief with the cooking, always fun to hear the predicaments you get yourself into each week, makes life more interesting and fun! This was a good salad!

Cakelaw said...

I have just learned from you that they are white kidney beans. This was a good pick.

TeaLady said...

Look at all those beautiful colors. I didn't know they were just white kidney beans either.