Tuesday, October 6, 2015

WWDH-Simple Vanilla Cake

This is a simple vanilla cake that came from Donna Hays recipe book called Off the Shelf.   It was my choice for the group this week.   When I chose this I was imagining all sorts of ways to serve it.  Maybe a yummy chocolate ganache on top, or some fresh berries and whipped cream.  The cake has a ton of butter in it, but no other liquids which surprised me a bit.  At first ai thought it looked like concrete when I removed it from the oven.  But once I cut into it, it was pretty moist.  I cooked it ten minutes less than the redipe called for.   The ingredients are three eggs, vanilla, butter, flour, sugar and baking powder.  Pretty simple.   Chandler said it would be good in a bowl with milk on it!

Check out our website and see if any of the others made it.   wwdh.wordpress.com


Cakelaw said...

Your cake looks yellow and fluffy inside - yum! before I put icing on mine, it looked like an old boot.

Chaya Selig said...

I thought it looked light. I think yours also looks light. I am glad you selected it. It was a success with my company.

TeaLady said...

Simple can sometimes be the best way to go. We really liked this one. So much you can do with it.