Wednesday, November 4, 2015

EwE - Guinness Beef Stew

Well it's Thursday again!   You all know what that means at my house.  Another delicious Ellie Krieger recipe.  This week is a hearty stew with Guinness beer, sirloin steak, potatoes carrots and  green peas.  It seems like every week I am leaving out one ingredient.  This time it was the green peas.  I went back the next day and added them!

This was a tasty stew but the beer flavor was a bit bitter to us.  I liked everything else about it.

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Sarah said...

I love your bowl with the handles. Perfect for a filling stew that you eat on the couch, I say. We also really liked this and I thought it was amazing how fast it was.

Cakelaw said...

Your stew looks good, though I agree it has a rather bitter flavour from the stout. I liked it though.

TeaLady said...

And see, mine was bitter at all. Although I did miss bay leaves and garlic in the stew.

Kayte said...

Yum, stout beer in beef stew, yahoo...this was good, and maybe it was a little bitter but that is how I think of beer so I didn't mind it. Lol on the green peas with and sans photos, I almost forgot to put mine in as well. Oh, well, peas don't need much cooking time at all luckily. :-) Your stew looks lovely, I will make this one again so am happy to have this recipe in hand.