Monday, November 28, 2016

EwE - parmesan crusted chicken breast

This week Kayte chose "Fowl Weather" as our theme.  Love this theme!   I chose Ellie's parmesan crusted chicken breast.   I used chicken tenders instead of breasts.  This was so quick and easy, plus very tasty.  The mustard base really brings our flavor and the toasted parmesan a nice crunch.  Lived it!

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Kayte said...

Finally getting around to posting this one and the photo is horrible because the sauce ran into the chicken, but hey, it was delicious. Yours looks very good...I love the idea of using chicken tenders for this, I need to remember to buy those more often, they are such a good choice. Parmesan and Chicken are just MFEO! Yours look time invite me over. :-)

TeaLady said...

We eat lots of chicken 'fingers' so this recipe would fit right in.