Wednesday, March 29, 2017

EWE - Sweetypie -one pan chocolate cake!

Well Gaye chose "  Sweetypie"for our theme this week.  I, for some reason , did not notice the "pie" part and I made a cake.  In my head I just thought it was a sweet week!   Sorry Gaye!  I made Ellie Kriegers One Pan Chocolate Cake.  It sounded so interesting to me.  It contains no eggs or milk.  And you mix it up in the same pan you bake it in.  What could be easier than that?  And the best part is chocolate!  And it is delicious!  You mix up the dry ingredients in the pan. Then you make a well in the center and pour in the oil and the Vanilla flavoring.   Then you  pour a mixture of cold water and apple cider vinegar over the dry ingredients and mix together. To make the batter.  Just bake and voila. Delicious chocolate cake!

It has been such beautiful weather here lately other than a few thunderstorms.  I love that spring is coming!  I hope you all are having good weather too!  My camper seems to be calling out to me....take me somewhere and soon!

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Cakelaw said...

Hi Peggy, you didn't mess up at all. I really did just mean anything sweet. I just happened to choose pie. Your cake looks scrumptious. Have a great day.