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BAREFOOT BLOGGERS - Indonesian Ginger Chicken

This week Todd of A Cooking Dad chose our Barefoot Bloggers challenge. Indonesian Ginger Chicken. You can find the recipe on Todd's webpage, along with all his other delicious foods! I was excited about this recipe because I am a chicken lover. And I love when members choose recipes that are easy to prepare and can be infused into my weekly dinner menus. One less dinner I have to plan! The chicken delivered - it was very flavorful but with one negative. It was a bit dry. Maybe I overcooked it a bit. But we still enjoyed it. It has been really really cold here in the south. So cold that we are not happy. Even had a frozen water pipe in my bathroom over the weekend. At least it did not burst! We were lucky. We are heading to Las Vegas later this week and I am really hoping it is warmer out there. If any of you live out that way, puleeeze tell me it is nice and warm. We are not going to gamble. We are going to celebrate a family birthday. But we will probably lose a few bucks alon

CEiMB - Arugula, Caramelized Onion and Goat Cheese Pizza

The lovely Maria Salamon of Half Meatball Half Matzoh Ball chose this week's Craving Ellie challenge. This pizza recipe can be found on page 173 of Ellie Kreiger's The Food You Crave Cookbook. Or, you could check at Maria's website. I thought this would make a nice lunch for us last weekend. The DH hates goat cheese so I substituted feta. I really cannot tell a huge difference in feta and goat, but he says he can so it's an easy substitution if it makes him happy. I also added a few chunks of chicken to give it a bit more substance. I have to say, this was more like an appetizer to the two of us. We both were still hungry afterwards. The pizzas were good and tasty however. It is probably not a recipe I will make again, but we enjoyed trying something different. I hope you all had a happy new year! We did a little partying, a little out of town visiting, and a little vegging out on the sofa with a blanket and a good movie which made for a perfect weekend. For those of