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EWE-filet mignon with zucchini

This week Gaye chose for us to make this steak recipe from Ellie Kreigers Weeknight Wonders cookbook.  We had had our fill of Christmas snack type foods so this was a welcomed change of pace.  Im not sure I have ever prepared filets but that is what I always order in the restaurants.   I purchased two for around $22.00 so they are a little pricier than other steak cuts, but so worth it!   I did change the recipe a bit as we are not overly fond of capers so those were left out.  The zucchini that went with the steak was delicious as well.  We really enjoyed this and will definitely make again!  Thanks Gaye for choosing this recipe!    Ellie Merry Christmas everyone!

WWDH - spiced chickpeas

This week in our Donna Hay group,   Kayte chose these spiced chickpeas.  I was hesitant to make them because honestly they just did not appeal to me.   HOWEVER, I am so glad I did make them because they were delicious!  The recipe is in Ms. Hay's Fresh and Light book which I love.   These peas were so easy to prepare.   You just dry the beans and fry them in a little oil and add cayenne, salt, etc. to them.   I actually added some smoked paprika to mine.  I could not stop eating these!  That is how good they were! Check out our website or come join our group.  No commitments, just some good comraderie and cooking fun!    Wwdh

Ewe - sweet and savory carrot salad with oranges and dates

This week in our eating with Ellie group it was my recipe choice!   This was a very easy salad to put together and went very well with the chicken dish that I made.  We love Carrots!   It was a nice mixture of cooked carrots, navel orange, parsley, garlic and dates.   All drizzled with lemon and olive oil.   We enjoyed it the day I made it and also the leftovers were delicious!   Definitely a keeper recipe.   Check out our website.   Come join our group.  No weekly commitments.

Wwdh - Lemon and goat cheese chicken

Today was my choice for the group and I chose this chicken with goat cheese and lemon. This was really easy to put together.  As you see from the ingredients you really just layer the thyme, chicken, cheese and lemon on top   Then broil it for about 15 minutes.  While it was easy to put together it really lacked flavor for me.  It was good but I doubt I will make it a second time.  Check out our website to see if others made it and liked it.     Wwdh .You can find the recipe here . 

Holiday Traditions

Who doesn't love a good cheese ball around the holidays!  Paired with the perfect cracker it's a very filling appetizer.  My personal favorite is a ham and pineapple cheese ball.  And I am in love with the new cracked pepper Triscuits!  Whenever I make a cheese ball I just go ahead and make two because it was just as easy to mix up two as it is one.   And I freeze one of them.   Easy peasy!  I will say cheeseballs are not the easiest to mix up.   They can get quite messy.  I use gloves of course and spray them with Pam, non stick spray.   Try this ball.   I think you will like it!  Just mix up chopped green onions, ham, drained crushed pineapple, a little confectioners sugar, and cream cheese, then roll in chopped pecans and chill. Start with..... 2 packages cream cheese. Add 1 small can crushed pineapple (well drained) powdered sugar (to taste- approximately 2-3 Tbsp.) green onion (optional-to taste, approximately 2 Tbsp.) chopped ham (optional-to