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GFGF - Spinach Pear Salad

  Summer has a way of just slipping by so fast!  This week our focus is on spinach, which I chose for our Good Friends Good Food group.  There are so many different wonderful salads that can be made with fresh spinach.  Lately I have also been making us a lot of spinach egg white omelets.  I also love spinach in quiche.  But this week, its spinach salad.  I love salads that include lots of good ingredients.  I used my imagination on this one.  I will say if I made it again I might leave out the slivered parmesan.  Just did not seem to add anything to the salad. For this salad, I combined fresh, organic spinach leaves with pear slices, blueberries, sugar snap peas, and parmesan slivers.  I topped it with ranch dressing.  It was a great addition to our meal!  Check out our other members to see what amazing something they did with spinach! Our other members are:   Kayte   Margaret Https://  Ulrike Https://noe847.