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Ina Garten's Fridays - Desserts

HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!  I hope you all have some fun plans including some good barbeque and some fireworks!  Everyone needs a few fireworks on the 4th Today is the first Friday of the month and that is when our group comes together to make delicious recipes from Ina Garten's selections.   This month is desserts so I chose Ina's Strawberry Country Cake. It is an easy cake to mix up and it makes two layers.  One is for freezing so we will have that one later to enjoy.  Or, you can use both layers if you choose.  It has just a touch of lemon and orange flavor and smells delicious while baking! Here is a question for all you cake bakers out there!  I always have trouble getting the two layers to be exactly the same amount of batter because I am eyeballing it.  Do you measure your batter and divide it that way? The recipe says to bake for 45 minutes, however I had read some reviews that this cake was a bit drier than most so I watched it carefully  in the oven.  Mine was d