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Ina Garten's Fridays - Easy Weeknight Bolognese

We are not eating a lot of heavy meats this summer.  But...we can never turn down a good bolognese.  Ina calls it her weeknight bolognese for a reason - it is easy to prepare and takes minutes.   Just look at it simmering above. . . the smell it creates in your house will make you hungry for sure!  It calls for a cup and a half of red wine.  Well I'm not a big wine drinker, but when you are cooking with wine it just makes perfect sense to taste the wine along the cooking journey, does it not?  This cabernet was very tasty.    While I was cooking the sauce, I decided to roast a couple of bulbs of garlic in my toaster oven.  Oh that is soooo good on bread.  I ate enough to ward off at least 100 vampires! Here is the finished product.  It calls for small shells but I used medium.  This sauce has a kick to it which we loved.  I have listed the link below for the recipe. Here are a few o