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Southern cornbread dressing

My husband is from the north and he grew up eating stuffing instead of dressing.   I have tried stuffing, but in my opinion nothing beats some delicious chicken or turkey with cornbread dressing.  Every southern woman has her own special recipe for it, usually handed down from a relative.   To me, the goal one should have when trying recipes is to find one that is moist.  Nothing worse than dry dressing.   Though you can salvage it with some good gravy! I think I have mastered dressing through the years so I thought I would share my recipe.  Once you have a recipe that you love you will find that it is not a chore to make.  I think it is fun!  This photo does not do it justice as it was taken with my Thanksgiving leftovers! 4 cups cooked, crumbled cornbread Four slices day old bread crumbled 1 sweet white onion, diced 4 stalks celery, diced 2 pieces bacon, chopped 1 tablespoon butter 1 small can cream of chicken 2 cups chicken stock or broth 1 cup heavy cream 1 tablesp

EwE - Guinness Beef Stew

Well it's Thursday again!   You all know what that means at my house.  Another delicious Ellie Krieger recipe.  This week is a hearty stew with Guinness beer, sirloin steak, potatoes carrots and  green peas.  It seems like every week I am leaving out one ingredient.  This time it was the green peas.  I went back the next day and added them! This was a tasty stew but the beer flavor was a bit bitter to us.  I liked everything else about it. Come join us or check out our website!   Ellie