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Good Food Good Friends - Holiday Green Vegetables

This week in our group we could choose a green vegetable.  Something that might go well as a side with your holiday meal. Can you believe it is only ten days until Christmas?  What a year this has been.   In our family, we always make green bean casserole.  Its just what we love.  But for this post, I chose to do a broccoli dish.  We actually loved it.  I hope if you try it you will too!  It is easy! For chicken broth, I have been using Orrington Farms broth base for quite some time and I love it.  Because it is a dry mix, I just mix with hot water and I always have broth on hand. You can order from Amazon. In two weeks, we will make something special with carrots.  Check back then.  If you would like to join our group, please let me know. Other team members are :   Kayte   Margaret Https://   Nancy https://fis

Good Food Good Friends - Cabbage

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!  I had birthday followed by huge Thanksgiving feast, followed by birthday party of my adorable yummy four year old granddaughter!  I was fooded out (is that a word) the early part of this week, but I am ready to eat again now!    Okay so how many of you watch the precious videos of Brenda Gantt cooking?   Oh my goodness what a joy she is to watch.   I was inspired by her this week when I watched her make cabbage casserole.  I had never heard of it, but my dear friend in Atlanta, Carol, told me how much she liked it so I gave it a try. It is easy to put together.  The first night we did not like it much, but the following nights it grew on us and it seemed to get better and better.  For me, however, I think I will stick to plain, boiled cabbage from now on.  There was just something not right for me with cheese mixed with cabbage!  Everyone should try it though.  Might just be your favorite comfort food ever! Our members : grandmaskitchentable.typ