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Dorie Greenspan’s newest book is here and we made Miso Maple Loaf as our first recipe.  It is so exciting to be baking along with so many that were in the original Dorie group back in 2008.   We do not publish the recipe out of respect for Dorie.  You can order the book from Amazon and have all her wonderful new recipes handy!  The ingredients for this cake are  flour, baking powder, baking soda, sugar, fine sea salt, orange zest, butter, white miso, maple syrup, eggs, vanilla, buttermilk, and orange marmalade (optional).   Dorie gives very good instruction in her books.  I wanted so badly for my first recipe to come out perfectly.  And it should have.  Unfortunately, everything was going well until it broke in half coming out of the pan.  Accidents happen, even in baking, but it was a big disappointment for me.  I will make this again soon and next time it will be perfect! I would have topped it with the glaze, but after it broke, I did not see how glazing would help it. I will tell y

GFGF - Beef and Butternut squash stew

This week our focus was on winter squash.  I love all squash!  Because we are having some renovations in our home and we had to spend the week in our camper, I need it to make a recipe where I could use my instant pot or a slow cooker.  No problem!  I chose to do a beef stew that incorporated butternut squash.  You could use any other winter squash I am sure.  The stew has simple ingredients and was easy to prepare.  I thought we would have enough for two meals, but we ate it all!  We had some delicious crusty garlic bread to go with it. Yes, the bread would have looked better in the photo if it had been sliced, but we were in a bit of a hurry to eat. I will definitely make this stew again. Other members of our group are:   Kayte   Margaret Https://   Nancy Https://  Ulrike INGREDIENTS 1/2   tbsp   olive oil 1/2  large onion ,  diced 2   cloves   garlic ,  chopped 1   tbsp   fresh rosemary 1

GFGF - Parsnips!

 I have to admit I have never in my life eaten a parsnip.  When Ulrike chose parsnips as our vegetable this week, I was thinking they were like carrots.  I also had no idea how to cook them so I looked on Pinterest for some ideas.  I decided just to roast them because I love roasted vegetables!  I also love carrots so I decided to mix the two together!    My grandchildren are here with us this weekend and when they saw the roasted parsnips they got really excited because they thought they were french fries.  However one bite and they both threw them back onto their plate!   Chandler and I actually thought they were pretty good.  They do taste more like potatoes than carrots!  They are not a low carb food either as I had hoped.  But I am really glad we tried these. Slice carrots and parsnips into small strips.  Put on baking pan lined with parchment.  Drizzle olive oil over all.  Sprinkle 1 T Italian seasoning over.   Sprinkle 1/2 cup grated parmesan cheese.  Bake at 350 for about thirt