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CEiMB - Southwestern Hash and Eggs

Melissa at Melissa's Kitchen chose our recipe challenge in the Craving Ellie group this week.  I love breakfast for dinner so I decided it would be something easy to prepare when I got home from work.  Instead of peeling and cutting potatoes, however, I cheated a little and used frozen hashbrowns.  The DH and I were very pleased with the taste of this dish, although it doesn't look very pretty in my photos!  About a week ago, we came home from being out of town for the weekend and our power was off.  After careful detective work, we figured out it had been off over 24 hours and therefore I had to throw everything out of my refrigerator and freezer to be safe.  I did not throw my eggs out however because I was thinking eggs are not refrigerated when the chicken is sitting on them, right?  So I bought some new eggs and I was planning to use those, but somehow the old eggs and the new eggs got mixed up in my refrigerator.  My friends at work told me I needed to toss the old egg