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Ina Garten's Fridays - Soups, Salads and Sides!

Hello everyone and welcome to Ina Garten's Fridays group!  This week we are showcasing soups, salads or sides.  I chose Ina's chicken salad.  Although she has a couple of different recipes, I like grapes in mine so that is the one I chose.   I have learned to wash my grapes in a water/apple cider vinegar mixture. . . just drop them in for a few minutes and swish around.  It removes all that white moldy stuff on the outside of the grapes.  Just makes me feel like they are cleaner and healthier. I served my salad with Rice Crackers.  These are fabulous for those looking for gluten free substitutes.  I eat them not to be gluten free, but just because I like that they are crunchy and delicious. This chicken salad is delicious and would be very nice for a ladies luncheon or even for a quick dinner for you and your family. Serves Four Ingredients: Four chicken breast halves (I used boneless) Olive Oil kosher salt fresh ground pepper 1 1/2 T.