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My Kitchen My World - Let's go to Cuba!

This month in MKMW, those of us participating took a virtual trip to Cuba!  There were plenty of recipes to choose from, especially found a lot on Pinterest.  Of course some were in Spanish and since I am not fluent, I had to look for an English version!    I chose a beef dish and a salad. I like to start my posts with a joke or two.  When I think of Cuba, coffee is what comes to mind.  I know that is not all that Cuba is famous for, but that is just what I think.  Good Cuban coffee.  So . .. . What does Coffee say when it’s depressed? – Pour Me, Pour Me. Why did Coffee cross the road?  Because it was tired of being ground-ed! We have been so busy this month traveling (some fun, some not) that I really did not have the time to devote to an entire meal the way I wanted to.  I cooked the beef a long time trying to make it tender.  Maybe I overcooked it, not sure.  It was an easy dish to prepare and tasty.Oops I totally forgot the fresh parsley!   Loved the salad.  I omitted the re