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Sugar Cookies or Teacakes?

Hello Blog.  I've missed you! I've been suffering from a bad back for the last three weeks which has really put a damper on my Christmas shopping, baking, decorating, etc.  I am getting better daily and thanks to all of you who have checked on me!! Since my DH has been so sweet and helping me so much lately, I am making him a full blown dinner tonight complete with Christmas cookies. My sweet mom made teacakes when we were growing up.  They are a little softer I think than sugar cookies.  She made homemade chocolate syrup to pour over them and it was a fabulous dessert.  These are not fancy because I did not take the time to decorate them today.  Just a good cookie.  I discovered also today that making sugar cookies at Christmas by yourself is not nearly as much fun as it was when the kids were little and it was a half day adventure with decorating and baking! These are super easy to make and super easy dough to work with! Teacakes 4 cups self rising flour 1