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CEiMB - Black Bean Mexican Style Pizza or Post Surgery Ground Beef Unspicy Pizza

I hope you all notice the one lone black bean on the plate above because when I look at this photo, that is all I see. Of course I didn't see it when I was snapping the shot. You had to know that right? But now that I am looking at it closely, I think it adds interest and creativity, don't you? Who else thought to have a straggler bean all by itself on the edge of the plate? That is major, huge, outstanding creative photography. I'm just sayin. Since the yankee isn't supposed to eat spicey foods this week, I was very hesitant to make this. However, my sweet blogging friend Joanna of Apple Crumbles , the host of this week's recipe, offered a few suggestions for me as to how to change things up and de-spice the original recipe. Be sure to check out her blogsite to see how it is supposed to be made. Joanna is a creative cook and very adept at changing recipes to meet vegetarian needs so I always like to check out her blog. First, I cooked some very lean ground beef a

TWD - Flakey Apple Turnovers

Enjoy the photo of these beautiful apples. Because the following photos you should view at your own risk. My dough did not turn out right. I'm not sure what went wrong, but the stars and the moon did not line up for me. And of course this is my first post for TWD since July because I took a break for our Italy trip. Wouldn't you just know I would mess up on this one? My turnovers are huge - honkers even. And dough was kind of hard and crumbly. Okay I'll admit one thing - I thought that was a tremendous amount of butter to put in the dough and I left a tad of the butter out. Why oh why did I question Dorie? Dorie the master chef. Who am I? Please please please go to Julie at Someone's Kitchen's blog who chose this recipe for the week and see how these are supposed to look! I'm also a horrible wife. The yankee had his gallbladder removed just four days ago and this is what I fed him for dinner tonight because I had to make these apple turnovers that did not even


Chandler, or "the Yankee" as I fondly refer to him, is having surgery tomorrow so I will not be cooking/baking and probably not even eating much this week. Check back next week for more recipes!