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It is hard to believe that a year has passed and my husband will be celebrating again on Monday!  We are thankful for each year that we have and feel very blessed to have each other. He can never think of anything he wants for his birthday except for my carrot cake!  While this photo does not do it justice, and it would be much prettier in a layer cake formation, I make it a sheet cake so that it is easier to serve and share.  I cannot photo a slice of it since we will be having the official "cutting" tonight at our dance club. I thank Dorie Greenspan for this recipe and you can google and get the recipe if you want to try it.  It may take a bit more work than a boxed cake mix, but it is well worth the time.  I do not care for carrot cake, but I like this one!  It is chock full of carrots, coconut, walnuts and craisens.  Only one word for that - YUM. Happy birthday to my wonderful husband and I wish him many, many more! 

Ina Garten's Deviled Eggs!

This is appetizers week in our Ina Garten Fridays group!!  I chose her deviled eggs because we love deviled eggs and I never deviate from my old family recipe so I thought I would branch out and try something different.  I'm so glad I did!  I love these and I am sure my DH will love them tonight for dinner also. With just these ingredients, you can impress your guests or yourself, with some delicious deviled eggs. Ina's recipe says to hardboil six eggs.  (I only did five because that was all I had and mine turned out a little fluffier than they probably should have, but delicious just the same).  If you don't know how to boil eggs, please take a minute to learn.  If your eggs turn out green, you have overcooked them.  To make perfect boiled eggs every time, I put my eggs in cold water and put them on the stove, bring to a boil.  As soon as they begin boiling, I take them off the stove and cover and let them sit for 15 minutes.  At this point, they are perfe