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Hot Chicken Salad

Well here I am after a brief blog "vacation."  We have been travelling this summer so no time for cooking or baking.  Soon we will be traveling again to help my future daughter-in-law choose a wedding dress.  I'm very excited about being included in the shopping trip for that.  Of course, all the dresses are going to be beautiful. I think I have been watching too many westerns this summer.  I had a hankering to cook pioneer food this entire week and serve to my cowboy.  But after thinking about how much fried food there would probably be, I'm putting that off for a few weeks. I still intend to challenge myself and do it. Last week, I was fortunate enough to have lunch at my friend Pat's house and she served the most delicious hot chicken salad.  I have tweaked the recipe just a bit for my own tastes.  Very easy to put together if you use a rotisserie chicken like I do.  For a different variation, add a cup of cooked rice to the mix. All you really need to g