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Ewe -mash ups.

This week Gaye chose mash ups as our theme.  Being basically non-creative this week, I decided to know it.........drumroll..........Garlic Mashed Potatoes!  I wanted to try cooking the potatoes in my new Instant Pot! If you have not discovered the instant pot yet let me encourage you to do so!  I am leaving mine on my countertop and using it every night.  It has replaced my crockpot for sure.   It can serve as a crockpot or a rice cooker or a pressure cooker. I made chicken teriyaki in just 25 minutes with frozen chicken breasts! OK back to the mashed potatoes!  They were delicious and I served them alongside meatloaf.  You can never go wrong with mashed potatoes.  Ellie does keep the skins on her potatoes which is fine by me.    By the way I cooked the meatloaf in my new Insta pot!   Can you tell I'm loving it? You can get the recipe here.  Ellie Visit our website here.

CD- Lemon Sugar Cookies

Lemon Sugar Cookies!  What could be better than that.  These were so easy to mix up a child could make them. Quick to cook.  Quick to cool.  And quick to disappear once you start eating them!   They are lemony, sugary, Crisp and chewy.   We are headed out this weekend for a camping trip to Callaway Gardens. They will be perfect to tagalong with us.  I made half the recipe and it made 24 cookies. Perfect for the two of us! Check out our website to see what the others did this week.   Dorie Have a blessed Easter and hope the bunny hops your way!

EWE- Spring Harvest

I chose the theme this week as Spring Harvest.  My DH has now informed me that harvest only occurs in the fall.  That statement sent me to the dictionary for the true definition of harvest.  It is a gathering of the crops.  I told him spring has bountiful crops in my opinion!  One just has to visit a farmers market to see corn, okra, beans, tomatoes, etc. in abundance! I wanted to choose a recipe that incorporated a lot of spring vegetables.  But then I really wanted a salad.  I looked at ellie's salad recipes and she had one for a Cobb salad.   I added and subtracted from her recipe.  I omitted the hard boiled eggs and ham.  I added cucumber and mushrooms.  What sets this apart from other cobb salads?  The dressing!   You can find the recipe  Here Nice....lemony! Check out our website at  Ewe