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GFGF - Green Beans

This week in our Good Friends Good Food group we are focusing on green beans.  I searched many recipes and had my eye on a casserole, but then I decided to make salad.  I love salads that are chocked full of “stuff.”  So, I started with green beans and then added this and that.  Then more this and that.  I was extremely happy with the end result and cannot wait to eat the leftovers!  I have named this recipe “Not Your Granny’s Green Bean Salad.” My DH does not care for green beans.  He will eat them, but it is not his favorite.  After we ate and sat down to watch tv, unprompted he said this to me.  “Now you know I do not love green beans.  But....these were possibly the best green beans I have ever eaten.”   After my shock wore off, I realized a compliment from him for me was the greatest.   We had grilled steaks with this and it was a delicious meal!  Truly, I think I could have eaten a large bowl of this for my entire meal.  Can you tell I liked it?  Would make a beautiful side dish

Roasted Delicata Squash Rigatoni with Greens

It has been a while since I posted.  Yes.a.while.  This week I reconnected with some friends and we decided to cook together again!  Even though we are miles and miles apart, we have fun connecting.  We have named our group Good Friends Good Food .  Check out and for more squash deliciousness!  If you would like to join our group, we would love to have you!  Just leave a message in the comments below. We plan to be creative and have fun with  green beans on September 25th!  Come join us! I think with the Covid virus keeping us more homebound, more of us are cooking at home.  I know I am!  We decided to do a squash recipe this week.  I had gotten some delicata squash in my vegetable co-op last week so I decided to use that.  I had never heard of this kind of squash.  Apparently, the skin is thin so its edible.  Just a good wash and you are ready to slice and dice.  I am sure you could substitute any type squash if you wa

It has been a long time!

 OK I am just making a short post today because I’ve been unable to get into this blog for at least three years.  Today for some reason lock was with me and I just hit the sign in button and it worked!    Welcome back Peggy!