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My Kitchen My World - Virtual Travel to the Ukraine!

Why do cabbages win at races?  Because they want to get a-head!! This month we are cooking Ukrainian dishes.  There were plenty to choose from on the internet.  I chose for my main dish Chicken Kiev.  The queen city of Ukraine is Kiev.  I read that most Slavic people have never prepared it however because it is considered a gourmet treat.  This dish takes some preparation, but it is well worth it.  Unfortunately, my chicks suffered a minor burn in the skillet, OOPS, but not enough to mess with the taste.  Delicious!  The butter inside oozes out when you cut into it and that makes for very tender chicken.  I was surprised at the grocery store how expensive chicken has become.  Must be because gas prices are high??  I wish I had cut into this breast after it was cooked and taken a photo of the inside, but the DH was starving and ready to dig in!  Please do not let this photo deter you from making this wonderful recipe. Chicken Kiev Ingredients: 4 Chicken Breasts 2 eggs, beaten