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TWD - All in One Holiday Bundt Cake

It's my favorite time of the year! This week especially. My birthday is Wednesday and Thanksgiving is Thursday and all that food we can consume!! Happy Birthday to Me! On our Tuesdays with Dorie group, we had the option of posting our recipes this month in any order we chose. This week I am posting the All in One Holiday Bundt Cake chosen by Britin of The Nitty Britty . Use this link to jump over to her website to get the recipe. This is one you do not want to miss. It is called all in one for a good reason - it has everything but the kitchen sink in it! While I thought the cake would taste more pumpkiney (is that a word?), it really tasted more like an apple cake to me. It is filled with pumpkin, apples, cranberries, pecans, and lots of yummy spices. I took it Saturday night to my birthday bash at our dance club and everyone really enjoyed it. The comment I heard the most was how moist it was. My DH ate a big hunk of it this morning for breakfast with our Starbucks Pumpkin Spice L

TWD - Cran Apple Crisps

Here's a movie quote. One of my favorite movies of all time. Do you know what movie it is from? I'll have the answer down below in case you don't. "As God is my witness, as God is my witness, they're not going to lick me! I'm going to live through this, and when it's all over, I'll never be hungry again - no, nor any of my folks! If I have to lie, steal, cheat, or kill! As God is my witness, I'll never be hungry again." Em of the Repressed Pastry Chef chose Cran Apple Crisps for the month of November and what a great choice that was. It filled my home with the most wonderful fall smells. One might think Thanksgiving has already come! I am not really sure I did the crisp part right. I just sort of blobbed it on there. I'm writing this before I taste it, but I'm sure it tastes superb if it is anything like the smell. Yum. Check out the recipe at Em's blog and while you are there browse around. Em has some wonderful foods to sha

TWD below - CEiMB - Carrot, Green Apple, and Mint Salad

This week's Ellie recipe was chosen by Jessica of Singleton in the Kitchen . Check out her blog. I always enjoy reading Jessica's adventures. I have to admit, this week's recipe, however, did not excite me initially. However, I changed my mind after making it. We loved it. I think the only change I would make next time is I would like to have raisens in it. Also, the mint did not thrill me so I might leave it off. The dressing, however, was delicious! I am not sure what the difference is in regular yogurt and greek yogurt, but I loved the taste of this. We enjoyed it with some rotisserie chicken and a vegetable concoction I came up with at the last minute consisting of corn, peas, turnip greens, and pinto beans. I mixed all those together and heated it up and it was very tasty. The carrot salad was a crisp and delicious side. Thanks Jessica for choosing this! I felt I had made a very healthy dish. I'll leave you with a favorite quote, "The sooner you fall behind

TWD - Sugar Topped Molasses Spice Cookies

It hasn’t been my best day and yet here I am blogging. You know what they say, some days you are the bug and others you are the windshield. Well you guessed it - today I’m the windshield! And sometimes it only takes a good cookie to turn your entire day around. Or a good laugh at Walmart. Have you ever really looked at the people walking around Walmart? Some of them need to ask Scottie to beam them back their clothes! Half naked is never a good look for shopping. But then, maybe their gene pool could use a little chlorine if you know what I mean! This week in our Tuesdays with Dorie group, one of my favorite bloggers, Pamela of Cookies With Boys chose Sugar Topped Molasses and Spice Cookies. I was not excited about making these cookies, but I did like the way they turned out. I thought they could do with more spice though. I also plan to use them as a topping for the Apple Cranberry Crisp that I will be making tomorrow night which is another TWD dessert. Check out Pam's blog becau

TWD is running late - Check back on Friday

First, please check back with me on Friday to see my Tuesdays with Dorie treat of the week. Cranberry Apple Crisp. Second, coming Thursday will be CEiMB's Carrot and Apple Salad with Fresh Mint. And third, there always has to be a third, right? Third, is Ina Garten's Pot Roast. All coming soon to a blog near you - namely mine! Movie recommendation - Pinkstripes recommended "Once" to me and I watched it this afternoon. If you are a fan of musical type movies, you should definitely check it out. We also watched State of Play with Russell Crowe and Ben Afleck and it was a very good drama. Happy week and again, please check back later in the week.