TWD below - CEiMB - Carrot, Green Apple, and Mint Salad

This week's Ellie recipe was chosen by Jessica of Singleton in the Kitchen. Check out her blog. I always enjoy reading Jessica's adventures.
I have to admit, this week's recipe, however, did not excite me initially. However, I changed my mind after making it. We loved it. I think the only change I would make next time is I would like to have raisens in it. Also, the mint did not thrill me so I might leave it off. The dressing, however, was delicious! I am not sure what the difference is in regular yogurt and greek yogurt, but I loved the taste of this.

We enjoyed it with some rotisserie chicken and a vegetable concoction I came up with at the last minute consisting of corn, peas, turnip greens, and pinto beans. I mixed all those together and heated it up and it was very tasty. The carrot salad was a crisp and delicious side.
Thanks Jessica for choosing this! I felt I had made a very healthy dish.
I'll leave you with a favorite quote, "The sooner you fall behind the more time you'll have to catch up. " Ain't it so.


Jessica said…
Woo hoo! I love the quote at the end of this post. It's getting written up and stuck on my computer.
I'm glad that you ended up liking this salad. I was thinking it might be tasty with some craisins. Thanks for joining me this week!
Mary Ann said…
I thought about skipping this one too, but then just decided to go ahead and try it, tweaking it just a bit. I liked it.
It looks great.
Joanne said…
I'm so in agreement with you on adding the raisins and leaving out the mint. Your presentation is wonderful.
Bella Baker said…
Your salad looks great! I had the same feeling about this wasn't...wasn't excited for it and then it knocked my cocks off! I'm glad you enjoyed it!
Maria Salomon said…
It seems to be the concensus that the recipe on paper didn't thrill us but after making and tasting the salad, we were all pleasantly surprised! How nice!
hhmmm.....raisins.....hadn't thought of that!
Nancy/n.o.e said…
Yum, that salad does look delicious, and raisins would make it that much better!
Pamela said…
I skipped this one, but now I think I might make it soon. It looks and sounds pretty good.

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