EWE-filet mignon with zucchini

This week Gaye chose for us to make this steak recipe from Ellie Kreigers Weeknight Wonders cookbook.  We had had our fill of Christmas snack type foods so this was a welcomed change of pace.  Im not sure I have ever prepared filets but that is what I always order in the restaurants.   I purchased two for around $22.00 so they are a little pricier than other steak cuts, but so worth it!   I did change the recipe a bit as we are not overly fond of capers so those were left out.  The zucchini that went with the steak was delicious as well.  We really enjoyed this and will definitely make again!  Thanks Gaye for choosing this recipe!   Ellie
Merry Christmas everyone!


Cakelaw said…
I enjoyed this one, capers and all. I hear ya on the steak price - I went for a cheaper cut. Merry Christmas Peggy.
Kayte said…
Oh, I agree that filet is expensive but so worth it...I usually buy it and split it up by cutting it in slices after it is grilled and rested...when you have lots of boys to feed, as you know, you have to make these things go far! Yours looks wonderful. The sauce was okay, but I wasn't a real fan in that I liked it once but probably won't make it again. Loved the zuc cooked this way, yours looks melty and delicious!

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