Wwdh - Lemon and goat cheese chicken

Today was my choice for the group and I chose this chicken with goat cheese and lemon. This was really easy to put together.  As you see from the ingredients you really just layer the thyme, chicken, cheese and lemon on top   Then broil it for about 15 minutes.  While it was easy to put together it really lacked flavor for me.  It was good but I doubt I will make it a second time.  Check out our website to see if others made it and liked it.    Wwdh.You can find the recipe here


Kayte said…
Oh, we loved loved loved this one...full of flavor for us. The chicken with the melty cheese an lemon on top and the thyme and pepper, yum! Thanks for picking this one, it was really good and definitely a repeater here.
TeaLady said…
For some reason I just have run out of time for the last two weeks. Well, partly because we were camping. But I have the recipe and it is on my to cook list.
Cakelaw said…
This one looks so good - made me wish I was still doing DH.

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