Holiday Traditions

Who doesn't love a good cheese ball around the holidays!  Paired with the perfect cracker it's a very filling appetizer.  My personal favorite is a ham and pineapple cheese ball.  And I am in love with the new cracked pepper Triscuits!  Whenever I make a cheese ball I just go ahead and make two because it was just as easy to mix up two as it is one.   And I freeze one of them.   Easy peasy! 

I will say cheeseballs are not the easiest to mix up.   They can get quite messy.  I use gloves of course and spray them with Pam, non stick spray.   Try this ball.   I think you will like it!  Just mix up chopped green onions, ham, drained crushed pineapple, a little confectioners sugar, and cream cheese, then roll in chopped pecans and chill.

Start with.....

2 packages cream cheese. Add
1small can crushed pineapple (well drained)
powdered sugar (to taste- approximately 2-3 Tbsp.)
green onion (optional-to taste, approximately 2 Tbsp.)
chopped ham (optional-to taste, approximately 2-3 Tbsp. I used deli meat ham)
chopped pecans (about 1 cup worth)

Check out what Gaye and Grace made as well. and


Cakelaw said…
I have never made a cheese ball - they are not common here. However, your looks delish.

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