BAREFOOT BLOGGERS - Individual Meat Loaves

Tonya of What's On My Plate was the host this week for Barefoot Bloggers.  She chose Ina Garten's individual meat loaves.  I love meatloaf so I was anxious to try Ina's.  Since there are only two of us, I did cut the recipe down and made only two loaves.  They were delicious!  Usually I use bought breadcrumbs, but I was out so I made my own breadcrumbs in the food processor with frozen wheat bread.  And I used dried thyme instead of fresh just for convenience sake.  I also used tomato paste from a handy tube rather than ketchup on top.  I will definitely be making these on a regular basis.  Be sure to check out Tonya's blog to get the recipe!   Guess I could have made my tomato pattern a bit prettier on top, but it's the taste that counts, right?  Have a great week everyone!


Leslie said…
Oh boy, do these look good! I never thought of using tomato paste on the top...I bought a whole bottle of ketchup for these.

Yes, being allergic to shellfish is sad. I love shellfish, but sometimes it doesn't love me, and I've become allergic to epinephrine so no more taking chances.
Anonymous said…
We really liked these, too! Yours look great.
Anonymous said…
Great tip with the paste, they look scrummy. Well done.
Joanne said…
Those look great. I'll have to get that recipe. It would be a super freezer option for Ted when I want Tofu!
Future Grown-Up said…
Love the tip about tomato paste tubes..I'll have to check that out.

Don't sell your meat loaves short...they look very good and very yummy to me.
We loved these, too. Even my husband who isn't a fan of meatloaf at all, and the kids who aren't a fan of much of anything!
Anonymous said…
Individual meat loaves are so cute. :)
AmyRuth said…
Ummmm I love meatloaf too. Guess that makes me a southern girl, huh...? Looks delicious. I need to drag out my Ina books. I have hers in my CB collection.
Thanks for the inspriation. Wonder if Corbin might like having his own individual meat loaf? Hmmmm?

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