Tuesdays with Dorie - I'm Baaaaack with Raisen Swirl Bread

After taking a much needed break from my baking group, I realized how much I had missed all of those quirky, funny, smart, talented, beautiful ladies and I decided to jump back in and start baking along again!

I was thinking just yesterday about getting older.  You know, thoughts like I can't do everything I did when I was 22 any more.  Heck who am I kidding.  I can't do all I did when I was 40.  It's a fact.  I am even having to ration myself on reading decorating magazines, because those photos of toilets in beautiful bathrooms can cause a warm drizzle to go down my leg.  Not to mention my cottage cheese legs.  They just won't firm up no matter how many hours a day I "watch" Denise Austin videos.  Before tattoos were even popular, I wanted one.  Now I am afraid to get a rose tattooed on my breast because before long it will be a long-stemmed one!  Beautiful five inch sexy, come hither shoes are a thing of the past for me as well.  I've learned to be okay with the big black orthopedic shoes my grandmother wore.  Okay, not really.

I have decided to be a bit more proactive about my aging and help you all out as well.  Each week in my blog I will post a tiny morsel of information that will help you in your journey as you age.  Be sure to scroll to the bottom for today's tip.

Susan of Food-Baby chose Raisen Swirl Bread for this week's TWD challenge.   You can use the link and jump over to her fabulous blog and get the recipe for this fabulous bread!  I've got to admit.  Yeast scares me.  Not scary the way monsters are, nor does it keep me awake at night, but it just seems like there is so much room for failure on yeast related recipes.  But I gave it a good try and got great results.  The dough rose nicely while Chandler and I watched The Inglorious Basterds with Brad Pitt.  The house was filled with that wonderful smell of yeast.  After freezing the dough for thirty minutes, it was quite easy to roll out.  I'm not sure I rolled it exactly to the specifications, but close enough.  One thing I love about Dorie's recipes is the detail of her instructions makes the recipe easy to follow.

It did not rise as much as I would have liked.  We really enjoyed it for breakfast!

Today's growing older health/beauty tip.  Suffering from fatigue?  Get a jump start on energy with pumpkin seeds.  They are loaded with magnesium and help to keep the heart rhythm healthy and the nervous system functioning properly.  Just snacking on 1/4 cup a day will keep your motor running!


Leslie said…
Welcome back, Peggy! I got a little depressed reading the list of things I'm going through after 50 (well, except the tattoo part...never wanted one) but you cheered me back up with your bread. I was scared of yeast, too, but with nightmares, until I joined the Bread Baker's Apprentice group. Now I make them all with only occasional angst. Check out the book, you don't need to be with the group to do it!
Kayte said…
Pumpkin seeds...going for that today...LOL. Your bread looks great...my guys would praise those nice thick slices that you have in your photo as they always claim I slice too thin. Welcome back!
Flourchild said…
Thanks for the health tip, I love pumpkin seeds!
Your bread looks so good! This was a great recipe.
Thanks for the pumpkin seed hint. When you bake with yeast, keep saying, "I can do it." and you will.

Looks good to me.
chocolatechic said…
I missed you too.

I got a tatoo on my ankle for the same reason you mentioned.

Only I was afraid that the rose on my chest would look like ragweed..lolol

I loved this bread.
Judy said…
Perhaps getting older is just a state of mind sometimes. I'm sure cinnamon bread will always help. Looks like yours turned out just fine.
Tia said…
your raisins look so plump and delish!
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
Great tip! Love pumpkin seeds. I am just a few years over 40 and it is so much more exhausting just trying to get through each day.
Your bread looks fantastic! I'm afraid of yeast too.
Marthe said…
Welcome back Peggy!! So great to see you back at it!! Your Raisin Swirl Bread looks gorgeous!
Cakelaw said…
LOL - I know what you mean about aging. You go from invincible to flawed without even realising it. Your bread looks fab = I am a little scared of yeast too, because it is such a fickle beast.
AmyRuth said…
YAY..... she's back!!! Welcome to you. What a great recipe to start out with. Yep, simplify, that is my moto. Life is short and so live every day as fast as you can. Love your tidbits of wisdom, I need them. Heck we all do. Glad you're back and I hope you have fun.
I'll have to try out the pumpkin seeds. Thanks.
PS I like your new photo. I'm ready for one too. :")
Susan said…
Hahaha! Long stemmed rose! Too funny! Your bread looks great!
natalia said…
Ciao Peggy ! You made my smile with the ortopedic shoes ! I know how elegant you always are !! Glad you are back even yeast baking !!
TeaLady said…
YAY!! You're back - and humorously too. I will be 60 on Saturday so identify with everything you said (except that long stem rose was l-o-n-g years ago. Too funny, Peggy, Too funny.

Your bread is perfect.
義珊 said…
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